Amidst the chaos and disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, safety is a growing focus for many companies. However, most view safety as a “tick box” exercise. For logistics operator Crossroads, however, safety goes far beyond that. Safety is one of the company’s core values: it is integrated into everything they practise and something for which everyone is responsible.

Established over 80 years ago in the Northern Cape (Springbok), Crossroads has established itself as a key role-player in the logistics and supply chain environment. An 80% Black-owned company with an 33% Women-ownership, the company employs approximately 680 employees and owns more than 400 vehicles.

Its Fuel and Bulk Liquids division boasts a long-standing history and modern tanker fleet throughout South Africa, providing dedicated, specialised transport services to tanker industries through South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and the broader SADC region.

Never compromise on Safety

Zero compromise on safety standards is at the core of Crossroads’ success. Over the years, it has developed a strong culture through adopting the “Reset Your Thinking” values. These values are Responsibility, Entrepreneurial, Safety, Excellence and Ethics and Trust. Safety is not just a set of rules, policies, procedures or practices, but is integrated into everything they do. This is what sets them apart.

“Everyone within Crossroads lives our culture,” explains Chief Executive Officer Arend du Preez. “We are all responsible for safety – it is not something that the SHEQ department is solely responsible for. Management ‘walks the talk’, with visible safety leadership.”

“At Crossroads, we never compromise on safety and the safety of our drivers,” he says. “Safety is always top of mind in our business and we are proud of our safety compliance record. Our ongoing driver training includes keeping our teams up-to-date with the risks associated with long-distance driving. Our drivers spend many hours on the road and we equip them with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to stay safe. Safety compliance goes a long way towards reducing risks”.

“Everyone deserves to go home. Delivering fuel for the big oil companies is a tight-margin business. But there is no margin for error where safety is concerned,” continues du Preez. “Crossroads has experienced people keeping a tight rein on operations, to make sure everyone meets all the safety standards and practices. “We use the latest technologies to help us monitor the fleet, the drivers, and the processes. Because everyone deserves to go home.”

Safety Processes and Covid-19

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has enforced new health and safety protocols for many, at Crossroads these were integrated into the existing culture of safety with ease. “We have included safety training as part of our internal values on which all staff are trained,” continues du Preez.

The company’s commitment to safety is reaping results, with its safety statistics improving year on year.

“Safety at Crossroads is an ongoing journey,” concludes du Preez. “We are evolving all the time but we know and understand that we can never do enough.”

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