Crossroads Driver Safety Rules
By Arend du Preez, CEO of Crossroads

At Crossroads, safety is always a priority. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has enforced new health and safety protocols for many, at Crossroads these were implemented into our existing culture of safety with ease. We take safety and particularly, our driver safety very seriously. Safety is part of our business offering and we take pride in our compliance in this area. We have included safety training as part of our internal values on which all staff are trained. Our Driver Training is ongoing, and we continuously remind our teams about the risks involved as a long-distance driver. Compliance to safety rules goes a long way to avoid many of these risks.

At Crossroads, we have 13 directives that applies to all staff, not just our drivers.

  • I do not use my Cell phone while driving. Engine On, Cell Phone Off and out of reach. Exclusive use of the installed voice kits.
  • I always wear the safety belt whilst the vehicle is in motion.
  • I do not drive or work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • I wear the Personal Protective Equipment required for the job.
  • I will obey all traffic rules including company and client rules.
  • I will ensure mine and other’s safety, while working at heights.
  • I will obey the rules of the contract I am working on, including the legal and contract specific working and driving hours specifications.
  • I will not position myself under a suspended load.
  • I will ensure the safe loading of vehicles and that all loads are secured.
  • I will not smoke outside designated smoking areas. I will not smoke in a vehicle.
  • I will always drive with my head lights on.
  • I will not drive when tired and drowsy.
  • I will do pre-trip inspections to ensure equipment is safe to use.

The attached article highlights how non-compliance to safety rules for our many long-distance drivers can go wrong. Many accidents can be avoided if everyone adheres to the safety standards required when on the road. Read more here

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